Archive of initial charts for a modified Lazutin hive with 6 temperature sensors

After 25 April 2017, data were uploaded to to enable use of the scrolling and expansion facility there.

The multigraph visualisation of the data is embedded in this page here.

First 24 hours monitoring

v2_chart_280217.jpg (267896 bytes)

Downoad raw data: journal_27-28_0217.csv

Comments on first 24 hours monitoring

Sensor 3 is clearly in or very near the brood nest, 150 mm below the top-bar cloth. Sensors 4 and 2 are in the same seam as 3 but against opposite walls. Sensor 4 reads warmer than 2 because 4 is just below the top-bar cloth wheras 2 is about 150 mm below the top-bar cloth where it is expected to be cooler. The great variability in sensor 4's trace could be due to movement of bees on the edge of the cluster. Sensor 1 is in an equivalent position to sensor 3, but two bee seams removed from it towars the rear of the hive. The relatively high stability of it suggests that is close to the brood nest, possibly on the opposite side of comb from brood. Sensor 5, the coolest of the in-hive sensors, is several seams away from the brood nest centre. It's trace lags behind that of sensor 6 (ambient) presumably because of the insulation and thermal inertia of the hive structure. 

The battery voltage fell a little during the night, then recovered somewhat the following day which was largely overcast with cloud. Thus the solar panel was probably not performing as well as it could.

v2_volts_27-28_0217.jpg (38040 bytes)

v2_chart_2802-070317.jpg (354809 bytes)

v2_volts_2802-070317.jpg (58889 bytes)

Download raw data 28 Feb to 7 March 2017: v2_journal_2802-070317.csv

v2_chart_07-080317.jpg (261497 bytes)

Download raw data 1-8 March 2017: v2_journal_07-080317.csv

v2_chart_8-14_0317.jpg (331411 bytes)

Download raw data 8-14 March 2017: v2_journal_8-14_0317.csv

v2_chart_14-21_0317.jpg (323728 bytes)

v2_chart_21-28_0317.jpg (362614 bytes)

28 March to 4 April data failed to write to micro SD card

v2_chart_4-11_0417.jpg (337999 bytes)

11-18 April data failed to write to micro SD card

Intermittent data on 18 & 19 April between micro SD card changes while troubleshooting data loss problem. The following chart has uninterrupted data from 10.39 on 20 April to 17.12 on 21 April. Now two bee seams are up to brood temperature (yellow & blue traces). From this point on at each card change an empty JOURNAL.CSV file is present on the micro SD card when it is inserted.

v2_chart_18-24_0417.jpg (281536 bytes)

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