Removal of colony from a chimney in Minfordd


minfordd_site.jpg (25753 bytes) minfordd_access.jpg (35364 bytes)

Above: access to site of the colony

minfordd_vent.jpg (22132 bytes) minfordd_chimney.jpg (27516 bytes)

Above left: disused bedroom chimney flue vent papered over. The paper and vent grille were removed to allow access for a smoker nozzle.
Above right: the flue is concreted over with an air brick inserted in the concrete. Bees were entering via the air brick.

minfordd_capping_vent_above.jpg (38437 bytes) minfordd_capping_vent_side.jpg (37558 bytes)

Above left: concrete capping of disused flue seen from above.
Above right: air brick embedded in concrete capping.

The owner puffed smoke into the flue while a bee vac was used to trap the bees leaving the flue via air brick. This took about an hour to get most of the bees.

minfordd_vent_meshed.jpg (30932 bytes)

Above: temporary insect-proof mesh siliconed over the air brick.

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