A Warré hive sized bee vacuum


1) Inside of body

vac_body_inside.jpg (24364 bytes)

Outlet to the domestic vacuum cleaner (front right)
Inlet for the bee tube (rear left)
3 x 63 mm vents with grilles (centre)
Grille over exit to vacuum (front right corner)
Foam neoprene round the rim of the body.
300 x 300 x 100 mm inside dimensions.

2) Underside of body

vac_body_underside.jpg (16788 bytes)

Battens either side to lift box of ground
Sliding aluminium cover for the 3 vents (centre).

3) Top of lid

vac_lid_outside.jpg (24456 bytes)

Sliding cover over single 63 mm vent.

4) Underside of lid

vac_lid_inside.jpg (21123 bytes)

Mesh over 63 mm vent (centre)
Foam neoprene round rim.


The lid is held on with a bungy or a hive strap. The vacuum cleaner has an adjustable vent on the nozzle that allows the suction to be reduced. As soon as suction is complete, the bee tube is replaced by a foam polyether bung, the vacuum nozzle is removed, the vents top and bottom opened and the box placed in the shade. The bees can be sprayed with dilute sugar water through the top vent.

For a small (secondary) swarm or cast the box alone can be used. For a larger (prime) swarm, especially if the final destination is a Warré hive, a Warré box can be inserted between the lid and the body illustrated above. In this case it is advisable to use at least one hive strap to hold the parts tightly together.


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