Warré hive floor change using a Gatineau lift

hive_lifted.jpg (59278 bytes)   close_up_hive_lifted.jpg (38214 bytes)

Hive lifted with Gatineau lift with forks under the handles of the lower hive-body box. No smoke was used for this operation which takes 2-3 minutes.

An open mesh floor with a tray underneath, greased to catch Varroa, is inserted in place of the old floor in order to monitor Varroa drop for about a week.

new_floor_inserted.jpg (77081 bytes)

New floor inserted, old removed.  

hive_lowered.jpg (41611 bytes) hive_lowered_close.jpg (36073 bytes)

Hive lowered on to new floor. Bee traffic continues as if nothing happened.

floor_debris_w4.jpg (72651 bytes) floor_debris_w6.jpg (50326 bytes)

Floor debris from two hives. On the right is the beginnings of a propolis screen. On two hives, the bees found the 22 mm (7/8 inch) high entrance too wide and began to restrict it with propolis. These floors will be modified to restrict the entrance height to 15 mm.


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