Taranov swarming a National hive into a Warré hive

The method used was primarily after Donald Sims' Sixty Years With Bees (Northern Bee Books, 1997).

taranov1.jpg (43677 bytes)

1. The National to be swarmed and the Taranov board
and spare brood box at the ready.

taranov2.jpg (44360 bytes)

2. A comb from the National with two sealed queen cells
and several not yet sealed was brushed free of bees.

taranov3.jpg (69223 bytes)

3. Comb placed over the queen excluder of the National
to be swarmed in a new box to repopulate it with nurse
bees. It is covered during this process.

taranov4.jpg (36961 bytes)

4. Repopulated comb.

taranov5.jpg (33300 bytes)

5. Taranov board set 100 mm from the hive entrance with
sheet to minimise risk of loss of queen.

taranov6.jpg (33470 bytes)

6. The brood on its floor is set on one side. A new box and
floor goes in their place containing the repopulated comb.
All bees in the brood box set aside are shaken onto the
cloth to form a single layer and the combs are returned to
the new brood box in the original order. Flying bees easily
cross the gap, young bees and those flying bees that
remain with the swarm stay on the cloth with the queen and
gradually move up to the top edge.

taranov7.jpg (73850 bytes)

7. The hive is reassembled.

taranov8.jpg (44177 bytes)

8. Bees are forming a cluster under the top edge of the
Taranov board.

taranov9.jpg (60782 bytes)

9. When the cluster is formed the board is taken to another
part of the apiary in the shade to run the bees into a Warré

taranov10.jpg (38463 bytes)

10. View of cluster under Taranov board.

taranov11.jpg (58611 bytes)

11. Bees fanning at the entrance to the Warré, some
scenting with their Nasanov glands (light coloured patch
at rear tip of abdomen indicated by line).

taranov12.jpg (74129 bytes)

12. After about a third of the swarm had gone we speeded
it up by gently shaking the bees onto a sheet of metal
resting against the Warré entrance.


taranov15.jpg (54784 bytes)

13. The queen is a bit disorientated and seems to be
heading the wrong way, i.e. downhill.

taranov14.jpg (53132 bytes)

14. Finally the queen heads uphill and runs in. This caused
the bees  to rush in too.

taranov13.jpg (72416 bytes)

15. Almost in.

taranov16.jpg (75606 bytes)

16. The hived swarm in the top box of the Warré the following day.

The box is resting on the forks of a Gatineau lift ( http://www.biobees.com/warre/lift.htm ). The swarm weighed 1.5 kg.
Warré recommends using swarms of 2 kg or more ( http://warre.biobees.com/bfa.htm ).

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