Spring visit to Warré hives 2009

All seven surviving Warrés were inspected on 1 April 2009 and together with W10 whose queen was found dying in front of that hive on 31 March 2009. All the survivors had pollen coming in. The quilts and top-bar cloths were dry on all hives. Some of the floors had evidence of moisture penetration, probably under the bottom rim of the lowest box. On one of these especially were many of the unidentified larvae first seen in summer 2008 (close-up below). A wax moth larva was seen on one floor. A surprising finding in one hive was a couple of compost worms (Eisenia fetida). The stands are 305 mm high, but compost worms are good climbers.

The hives were lifted with a Gatineau lift and it was unnecessary to light the smoker at any time. The bees seemed oblivious of the manipulation.

spring09_w10_floor.jpg (61880 bytes)

W10 Floor (entrance at top)

spring09_W11_floor.jpg (65973 bytes)

W11 Floor

spring09_w2_floor.jpg (67953 bytes)

W1 Some moisture penetration, rear left (viewed from entrance)

spring09_w1_floor.jpg (60947 bytes)


spring09_w7_floor.jpg (60583 bytes)


spring09_w6_floor.jpg (68276 bytes)

W6 Some dampness at rear right side.

spring09_w4_floor.jpg (61885 bytes)

W4 Much moisture penetration along right hand side.

spring09_w9_floor.jpg (56252 bytes)


spring09_w6_floor_detail.jpg (246475 bytes)

W6 Detail of floor round moisture penetration: cappings, pollen, one wax moth larva (just above centre), dead bees,
unidentified desd larvae (bottom half of picture; one indicated with arrow). See close-up of unidentified larva below.

spring09_w4_floor_detail.jpg (205922 bytes)

W4 Detail of floor round moisture penetration: cappings, pollen loads, dried pollen pulled out of cells, dead bees,
unidentified dead larvae, two compost worms (Eisenia fetida).

spring09_w10_b1_comb.jpg (56623 bytes)

W10 Box 1
Queen found dying in front of hive on 31 March 2009;
very few bees present; evidence of robbing in progress; plenty
of capped honey.

spring09_w10_b2_comb.jpg (38158 bytes)

W10 Box 2 Note tendency of combs to cross to
adjacent bars despite use of starter beading/strips.

spring09_w9_underneath_brighter.jpg (20934 bytes)
W9 Box 3 and 2 viewed from underneath, supported by
Gatineau lift.
larva.jpg (28158 bytes)

Unidentified larva (8 mm) found in W4 & W6;
first seen in June 2008 when they were alive.
Locomotion: The larva extends its snout (left) and
appears to drag its body along.

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