Nadiring Warré Hives, April 2010

Below: Arriving at the apiary with a full load of Warré boxes and a Gatineau lift.

The trailer is a Bykaboose 'Gecko' with its canvas and metal superstructure replaced by a fish box found on a nearby beach.

bike_trailer_loaded.jpg (166588 bytes)

Below: A 2-box Warré hive supported on a Gatineau lift about to receive a third box.

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Below: A bee colony expanding in spring into the second (lower) box of a 2-box Warré hive.

w7_box2_from_below.jpg (217038 bytes)

Below: Comb fallen to the floor in the second (lower) box of a 2-box Warré hive in its fourth season of no treatment for Varroa mites. This comb was fragile, dry and crumbly. There was a small amount of wax moth damage. This box was removed and replaced with a box of good comb from another hive.

w6_broken_comb.jpg (86329 bytes) w6_broken_comb_close.jpg (30127 bytes)

Below: An almost intact single comb from box 2 of the hive shown immediately above. Several of the combs had the same indentation at the bottom. It marks a boundary between worker and drone cells. The worker cells in this box averaged 5.1 mm in diameter, this despite the fact that the bees were derived originally from stocks raised on 5.7 mm foundation. 

w6_single_comb.jpg (136368 bytes)

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