Warré Type Bait Hive

This hive has the volume of 37 litres, i.e. the equivalent of about two Warré boxes. The floor internal dimension is 300 x 300 mm and the hight is 410 mm. It has meshed vents top and bottom for use when transporting a swarm. The entrance has a closable mesh door. There is a window at the bsack for checking if a swarm has gone in. The roof is aluminium sheet covering a board to which 8 top-bars are screwed using Warré hive spacing. Between the board and the bars is a used top-bar cloth that is well propolised. The inside is rubbed with beeswax and a bait comb is fixed to one of the bars. The circular holes are 64 mm diameter. The mesh is galvanised expanded steel sheet (N6664F) from The Expanded Metal Company (UK).

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baithive_warretype_rear_right.jpg (44618 bytes)  baithive_warretype_rear_right_shutter_open.jpg (46149 bytes)


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