Saeboflex For Sale

Used for four months. Clean, undamaged condition.

For sale at 375.00 (GB pounds)

Cost new: 750.00 (GB pounds) from Saebo UK Limited

Contact: patricia (at) [please substitute @ for (at) ]

Photo: top view showing the red springs in use

top1000.jpg (429397 bytes)

Photo: bottom view

bottom1000.jpg (538768 bytes)

Digit cap sizes: thumb F2, 1st finger F2, 2nd finger C2, 3rd finger C2, 4th finger A

Photo: 10 'Poof' balls, 8 still in manufacturer's film wrapping

poof500.jpg (157539 bytes)


Sleeve unit: 58 mm tapering to 40 mm at wrist end. Length 120 mm by thumb lead mount. Length from proximal edge of sleeve unit to distal edge of hand pad 240 mm.
Hand pad mount adjustable distally by 17 mm and proximally by 23 mm from positions shown in photo.
Thumb lead mount adjustable 16 mm in either direction.
Thumb arm adjustable distally 10 mm and proximally 6 mm from position shown in photo.
Finger lead mounts rotatable and adjustable as follows: 1st, 2nd & 3rd finger 33 mm overall range of adjustment

(More measurements will be made as required by anyone interested in buying.)

Other items supplied

Fitting manual

Allen key

4 colour-coded springs of different tensions for finger leads

4 colour-coded springs of different tensions for thumb lead

Carrying bag


Strip of velcro for hand pad

4 finger lead nylon lines and 8 crimpable fasteners

2 bead lines (for fingers and thumb tensioning)

Set of self-adhesive grip pads for finger caps

Assorted screws

My use of this orthosis is described and illustrated here

Contact: patricia (at) [please substitute @ for (at) ]