Colony in Soffits at Ala, Pwllheli, 11 July 2011

Below: View of PVC soffit and bee entrance

ala_before_work_close.jpg (54376 bytes)

Below: PVC soffit cut away exposing asbestos soffit

ala_pvc_soffit_board_removed.jpg (43124 bytes)

Below: Bee colony

ala_colony_flash.jpg (96110 bytes)

Below: Bee vacuum ready for action

ala_bee vac.jpg (122638 bytes)

Below: Most bees removed; comb exposed

ala_comb_close.jpg (152372 bytes)

Below: Comb removed. Residual bees still present before final vacuuming session.

ala_comb_removed.jpg (88359 bytes)

Below (2 photos): Returned evening to find soffit cavity empty of bees

ala_evening.jpg (58939 bytes)

ala_evening2.jpg (52758 bytes)

Below: Colony housed in a Warré hive in one of the author's apiaries. This is a natural; comb hive. There is a queen excluder placed below the lower box as a precaution in the first 24 hours after hiving to stop the queen absconding. More about Warré hives can be found here.  

ala_colony_at_tycroes.jpg (211666 bytes)


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