Minfordd (July 2014)

The following job included sweeping the chimney from the top.

minfordd2_chimney1.jpg (53946 bytes) minfordd2_cage.jpg (40927 bytes)

Below: bee free cowls covered with bags while the bee flue cowl is removed

minfordd2_removing combs.jpg (33812 bytes) minfordd2_cowl+pot.jpg (48226 bytes) 

Below: when the cowl was removed, a comb fell to a slate restriction. This colony was broodless.

minfordd2_nest_pot.jpg (50712 bytes) minfordd2_comb_close.jpg (43084 bytes)

Below left: slate constriction below pot was chipped away to eliminate the constriction. Below right: sweeping

minfordd2_flue.jpg (37858 bytes) minfordd2_brushing.jpg (33201 bytes)

Below left: insect proofing the disused (left) cowl.       Below right: elephant's foot cowl replaced with a stainless steel cowl to allow the chimney to be used.

minfordd2_insect_proofing.jpg (50950 bytes) minfordd2_ss_cowl.jpg (46125 bytes)

Below: inspection of and sweeping the second chimney which had bees at it, but no evidence of a nest.

minfordd2_chimney2.jpg (51097 bytes)



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