Colony in flat roof of farmhouse

Below: site and nest entrance

hafod_site.jpg (55912 bytes)    hafod_entrance.jpg (52953 bytes)

Below: entrance area exposed but combs out of reach

hafod_entrance_opened.jpg (30804 bytes)

Below: exploratory holes for top access to nest

 hafod_exploratory_holes.jpg (59779 bytes)

Below: view of nest from entrance end of cavity with the NE ends of the combs just visible through covering of bees.
Photo shows evidence of an older more extensive nest. Traffic between the nest and the entrance is mainly along the rafter on the left.
(Can you spot the wax moth?)

hafod_nest_view_from_entrance.jpg (122182 bytes)

Below left: exploratory hole reveals nest many feet from entrance next to entrance used in previous years
Below right: top of nest with roof removed

 hafod_nw_end_of_nest.jpg (43829 bytes)  hafod_nest_top.jpg (52359 bytes)

Below: final length of cut to remove comb. Sample comb positioned to indicate full extent of nest under uncut roof

hafod_maximum_cut.jpg (74552 bytes)

Below: sample comb with honey (top left) and drone brood

hafod_sample_comb.jpg (58418 bytes)

Below: residual bees before final vacuuming

hafod_residual_bees_14.39.jpg (33147 bytes)



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