Bees in a vent in a local hotel

A cutout and rescue of the resulting artificial swarm

gh_vent_out.jpg (54708 bytes) Location of vent on facade

gh_vent_inside.jpg (21591 bytes)  Inside of vent near ceiling

gh_cover_removed.jpg (40548 bytes) Vent cover removed; combs just visible

gh_bee_vac.jpg (23457 bytes) Bee vacuum at the ready, vent temporarily closed with foil

gh_combs10_8.jpg (69577 bytes) Rear (inside) view of colony, combs 10 (top left), 9 (centre) and 8 (bottom right)

gh_comb10.jpg (67407 bytes) Combs 10 (& 9)

gh_comb4.jpg (164223 bytes)

Above: comb 4: honey (top), capped brood (edges, yellowish); cells with eggs (centre, brownish)

gh_comb_removed.jpg (88766 bytes) Combs removed

gh_bees_on_window.jpg (43028 bytes) Hundreds of bees flew to the window

gh_swarm.jpg (107772 bytes)

Above: the resulting artificial swarm clustered and was quiet from the outset indicating that it was 'queen right'.

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