David Heaf's Beekeeping Image Files


TyN apiary 2 Feb 2014 before hurricane

TyN apiary 15 Feb 2014 after hurricane

Windbreak round an apiary with flight path over vegetable garden


Warré 1 at 6 boxes in 2014

Warré 4 box 3 22 June 2014     Warré 4 box 3 26 July 2014

Pipistrelle bat under Warré hive roof     Pipistrelle bat under Warré hive roof close

Warré 7 shakeout 2014

W11 floor spring 2016

W14 floor spring 2016

W2 shredded comb 2016 W2 bottom box after comb shredded

Warré top box positioned for inspection for brood at harvest time

Bees 'boiling' out of a Warré top box and not responding to smoke at harvest time

Warré hive bearding

Hive toppled by wind


Hemlock water dropwort

Orange pollen load

Pollen dropped at hive entrance due to queen excluder

Snowdrop pollen load

Willow pollen loads

Pollen forager on snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis)

Orange-backed bees on broom (Cytisus scoparius)

Sugar versus honey as feed

Six bees in Cotoneaster


Swarm frequency through season

Criccieth 19 July 2012

Criccieth swarms and feral colonies map

Swarm arriving at Hafan bait hive 180514 1    180514 closeup

Swarm building in tree given protection (Haverson/Sommerville)

Dead bees

Hive TyN10 1 June 2010

Hive W5 1 June 2010


Bait hives

Hafan close



Consumption of winter stores by month

Einraumbeute failed queen 2015

Foraging v. temperature graph

Gwynedd winter losses 2011-2015

Warré quilt weight change with season

Wolfgang Ritter slide of Tom Seeley data on hive size and Deformed Wing Virus load

Lack of efficacy of lemon grass oil as swarm attractant

Wax moth cocoons from a bird box which had contained a Bombus nest

Sketch of interruptions in the brood nest of the Warré hive

Mouse guard

Asian hornet muzzles

Warré floor after winter, Warré floor after winter close

Top-bar cloth

Modified Lazutin hive temperature measurements January 2018


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